Terrible experience!! They told me Stromectol would be ready for sale in an hour on the phone, and I got there 4 hours or so later, and they said they didn’t get it ready, and it would be ready in 15 minutes, and I drove through 15 minutes later, and it still wasn’t ready!! Plus, most of the staff has an attitude problem, and the lady on the phone wouldn’t stop interrupting me. Definitely switching to Walgreens.

I have been a retail as well as a customer for all my Ivermectin medications before and during my chemotherapy treatment here at INOVIA PHARMACY. They are very much upon the knowledge of all new medications, as well as existing medications, so I’ve never had to worry about drug-drug interactions. They make every attempt to find me the best pricing for Stromectol, which is usually half of what I paid before becoming a customer with Jackson Pharmacy in July 2014. I love the staff like family, and they check on me like family. They remind me of medications I’ve fallen behind on, and they bring my meds to my home on the same day, usually within hours of ordering Stromectol online I’ve needed allowing me to stay home and rest. I’ve seen them personally communicate with my doctors and take the time to wait on the phone, on hold, with my insurance company to get me the best pricing. They have splints and Home equipment that I needed for my grandfather when he broke his hip. Trust me and see for yourself.

Dimas Pharmacy
Address: 3805 San Dimas St Suite A, Bakersfield, CA 93301, United States | Phone: (661) 489-4000 | Website: https://www.dimasrx.com/

I’ve used the Dimas Pharmacy ever since it has been open on countless occasions. The employees are always friendly, regardless of the heavy workload, they endure on a daily basis. They have gone above and beyond to expedite the multiple prescriptions that need filling. Thank you for the many years of service.

Darlene was killing it. She should be an employee of the month!!! She was helping clear the lines so fast and helping with photos and everything with no complaints. She was good at her job and did it with swag. She was professional answering the phone, and even though she multitasked, she remained courteous at all times!! Keep it up, Darlene!!

Zoha’s Pharmacy
Address: 5458 California Ave, Bakersfield, CA 93309, United States | Phone: (661) 322-7979 | Website: http://www.zohaspharmacy.com/

I’ve lived in a number of places, and this pharmacy is top-notch. The staff is conscientious and friendly, and the pharmacists are knowledgeable and careful. They communicate well with doctors ‘ offices and insurance and always have Ivermectin for sale. The best part is when I pull up to the window, they not only know who I am but usually have my script ready to go.

I, too, would rate less than 1 if I could. I have never experienced such horrible service. When one is in need of imperative medication and not feeling well, waiting 1 hour is unacceptable, especially when I was told few minutes. In addition, the pharmaceutical staff was rude as I sat and watched others face similar issues. How can you tell someone your prescription is ready and not even have it? In addition, I heard the pharmacist yell out loud a specific medication, asking who it was. How embarrassing. I would certainly not want my Stromectol purchasing known to the entire store. Shame on you, Zoha’s Pharmacy!!!!! I will never step foot in your door again.

Lee’s Clinical Pharmacy
Address: 1201 24th St # B120, Bakersfield, CA 93301, United States | Phone: (661) 323-7006 | Website: http://www.leesclinical.com/

Lee’s Clinical Pharmacy went from bad to worst. Standing in line after dropping off your prescription is one thing. Getting a buzzer and waiting time went up 2-4 hours is more than crazy. At least before you can go and get something from the store, now you must stay close, or you have to start over. The person you came up with this should be fired. Covid has nothing to do with this. Please go back to the way it was.

I use this place both as a patient and as a prescribing doctor. Believe me when I say this is hands down the best pharmacy I have ever worked with. Caring staff, knowledgeable pharmacist, excellent service, the list goes on. Why go to a chain where you’re just a number? Support small businesses in your community. I assure you, you’ll never go back.